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what do we do?

Demand for meat is immense, destructive and growing. As our demands increase so do our waste outputs.

Equatorial Feeds develops technologies that link wasteful outputs from our economy back into productive systems: 


of food in the United States goes uneaten!

We help dispose of excess food waste for a fee below standard tippage.


of the ice free surface of the earth is used to grow food for livestock!

We use our modular digester to convert unused food into protein meal for feeds.


increase in meat demand is projected by 2050, according to the UN FAO.

We sell our high quality sustainable protein meal to farmers and agriculture supply distributors cheaper than other protein meals.

Who are we?

Equatorial feeds is an eclectic bunch. Our collective expertise covers microbiology, public health, soil science, stonework, agriculture, plumbing, business development, marine biology, aquaculture, social justice, and professional tinkering. We are a group united by an inherent sense of responsibility for environmental stewardship, and an understanding that environmental solutions need to be actual solutions and not just sustainable alternatives.

Our diverse backgrounds enable us to make links across industries and develop partnerships that most firms would not be able to identify. That is why we provide services to municipalities and industries while developing products to cut costs and impacts for businesses.


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